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  Your daily 5 - building strong foundations

With all the different activities we need to do as business owners it can get really overwhelming and we find ourselves being busy but not productive, which is why I like to focus on what I call YOUR DAILY FIVE.

These are five core activities that you commit to doing in your business on a daily basis. These are not any old activity but things that keep the momentum going and also allow you grow your business incrementally.

Of the 5 things I always recommend that one of the things be a mindset activity, another a sales activity and another a visibility activity. The other two spots can be anything that you want.

For me my daily 5 include:

- mindset: journalling, prayer and reading the bible
- visibility: sharing my message either through livestream, my list or a post in my group
- sales: writing a proposal, creating content for my paid program, following up with people
- money: tracking my income every day and when I am good expenses too
- personal development: training to develop my skills

Listen to the audio training and then decide on your daily 5.

The beauty of deciding on your daily five is that if life gets hectic and busy you know what to focus on that will bring in results and you just do those.


Choosing your daily FIVE

1. Mindset

2. Sales

3. Visibility

4. __________

5. __________